Written by RyLee Madison/Steve Fox

I make better money than I used to
Checked off my whole list of to do’s
I dropped all my bad habits and that extra ten pounds
I wish

Every day the whole world eats a big meal
Helping on another ain’t a big deal
I wave my magic wand and all the suffering is gone
I wish

That’s what I do to get what I want
I say it right out loud
It might come true but to help it along
I make my list
I pray, I wish

All my windows look out from my mountains
I can see the ships on the horizon
And when I want to take one all the way around the world
I wish


I wish that I knew then what I know now
I wish everything was easy
I wish the days were longer
I wish because it makes me
Just a little stronger


I never used a single word in anger
I’ve always been the first to help a stranger
And nobody can tell me that I’ve ever been wrong
I wish


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