Allow me to introduce you to one of my co-writers

All but four tracks on the new record have been self-penned, however, I could not have completed what many are touting as my best record yet without some of my favorite co-writers. There are only four involved, “the fabulous four” I’ll affectionately call them.  Shawn Christian – the edit king, Steve Fox – the multi-talented machine, Blake Gray with so many great stories and Kristin Hill who is one of the classiest chicks I know. Over the next four weeks I’ll be taking the opportunity to introduce each one, and this week I’ll start with the edit king –  Shawn Christian. I consider Shawn one of my closest friends, my confidant, my co-writer and also my book editor (more on that later). On top of that, he is one heck of a great guy! Follow this link to learn more about Shawn, his talent and the awesome music he is making in Nashville on a weekly basis.


2011! Where Does The Time Go?

A new year is upon us already which has me posing the question, “Where does the time go?” That question seems more appropriate than ever since the title of the long-awaited new album is precisely that. I’d have to say that through the making of all the records I have released to date (this one being my first in five years), time has both flown by AND seemed to drag on at the same time. How is this possible? Shouldn’t it be one or the other? Normally it would, but as it turns out there has been nothing normal about the making of this new record (CD).

In June 2009, with a hard drive tucked under one arm and charts, notes & lyrics tucked under the other, my husband and I started our journey, making our way from one studio to the next, strategically building tracks and collecting performances from several of Nashville’s best studio musicians. Some of those musicians include drummer Steve Brewster (Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw), guitarists Shayne Hill (Sawyer Brown) & Scott Bernard (Kenny Loggins), multi-instrumentalist Jim Hoke (Alan Jackson) and keyboardist Tim Akers (Rascal Flatts), just to name a few. The result? One very exciting record that we have been waiting patiently to release while assembling the right team to back it up. The team members are even more impressive than the musicians, and if everything continues to come together nicely we will have some very exciting news in the next few months.

In the meantime I’ve pulled together a few photos of the goings-on in the studio over the past year and a half while building the new record. I hope you enjoy!

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RyLee Madison’s Limited Edition EP is now available.

RyLee Madison new EPIt’s been a long journey for RyLee Madison since the release of her last recording Me & Cinderella in 2006.

Over the past four years RyLee got married, began building a second home in Nashville, Tennessee, and immersed herself in music like never before. She found herself joining the praise team at her home church in Madison, TN, traveling monthly to Monroe, Georgia, to perform with a praise team and one of its key members, David Huff (of David & the Giants), singing backup on tour with Christian artist Celia Whitler, working as a session musician singing demos and background vocals, writing on Nashville’s Music Row Monday through Friday and even filling in as an occasional substitute teacher at a private school in Madison, TN.

Being submersed in music like never before has resulted in an exciting collection of new songs to which she is offering a ‘sneak peak’ with the release of her LIMITED EDITION EP Where Does The Time Go. The EP contains five tracks that will be included on the full album (released later this year) as well as a bonus track – studio demo.

On June 14th, 2010, RyLee will join the line up at the 12th annual Global Country All Star Concert. A country concert for the whole family featuring chart topping Canadian country recording artists Gil Grand, Kenny Hess, RyLee Madison, Jake Mathews to name a few, as well as emerging new country artists Sean Sonego, Leah Durelle, the Plain Janes and more. RyLee will have her Limited Edition EP on hand, be sure to visit her after the show to pick up your copy. For info click here.

The Limited Edition EP is truly in limited supply and once they are gone there will be no more. Order your copy today at

New website and Limited Edition EP to be released in six days!

RyLee Madison new EPIt’s finally here, the big day is on the horizon and we’re nearing the finish line, what excitement! I’m pleased to let you know that this week marks the launch of a brand new website AND the release of my LIMITED Edition EP Where Does the Time Go. The FULL album is almost there but in the meantime we thought we’d release a special little EP. Many call it a 6-pack as it is a collection of six songs. I call it a 30 minute recording that took us well over 12 months to create.

Limited Edition EP Where Does the Time GO includes five tracks that will be included on the full album along with a studio demo bonus track. The music includes the musician talents of several Nashville greats such as Scott Bernard (Kenny Logins lead guitar), Steve Brewster (session drummer for Faith Hill, Amy Grant, Dierks Bently), Charlie Judge (piano/keys for Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood) and so many more.

Produced with Nashville musician Clay Krasner (my husband) and mixed by Steve Fox and Steve Lotz, we’re all very pleased to be close to completion. Admittedly I’m anxious to see how it will be received but at the same time I’m excited to let it fly. My hope is that it will move the listener whether it’s with a tapping toe, an emotional heartfelt moment or rolling the car windows down and singing along. There is no greater compliment as a songwriter than to see people enjoying what we’ve created.

The EP limited will only be offered for a very short time at $10/each and will be available on the website when it launches this Sunday, June 6th, 2010.

The new website will have a neat collection of interactive content including RyLee ReeLs, RyLee RaDio and even ringtones!

Its been a long journey full of many tireless hours. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Only six more days!

May there always be a song in your heart;

Flood Clean Up Continues in TN

Two weeks have passed since the flood here in Nashville and the clean up continues. It will take a long time to rebuild the devastation caused by the flood waters but at the same time, the volunteer spirit here is quite amazing. People are continuing to lend a helping hand to strangers, cases of water and food continue to be distributed to those in need, telethons are razing incredible amounts of money, donations are piled high at the many distribution centers scatter throughout TN and the help keeps coming.

Artists and musicians have been hard hit having lost collectively millions of dollars worth of instrument and equipment. An organization that I learned about this evening at a WMBA meeting is something called ReTune Nashville. The goal of ReTune Nashville is to provide relief to flood victims in and around the music community through the sale of artwork created from donated flood damaged musical instruments. I think this is going to be a great success that will result in combining ART and MUSIC in a way that has never been done before. There is a website in the works but in the meantime please visit their facebook to learn more:

I think the magic of it all is how the music continues to beat on. CMA Fest is still on schedule for June, the Grand Ole Opry hasn’t missed a step (they had to move the venue but the spirit and the music remains in tact), the music continues to pour out of downtown venues like Tootsie’s and the Stage, writers are back working on their craft on the ROW, studios are humming……. the beat goes on.

Nearing the finish line with this new album thats been in the works for over a year now seems bitter sweet amongst all the flood devastation, but at the same time we are blessed to be swimming in the stream of music that is a steady current here in Music City (no pun intended).

I’ll post another blog later this week with an album update. In the meantime if you can give, please do so at

Thanks for dropping by, more to follow soon!


Nashville Flood 2010

It’s hard to believe one week ago today, much of the landmarks of Nashville TN were underwater. The Grand Ole Opry under six feet, Opryland Hotel under 10 feet, parts of downtown under 4 feet, houses completed devastated, lives lost, cars submerged, buildings floating down the interstate and so much more.

It’s not an easy sight to see the damage that water can do. Many families have lost everything, carrying their entire household possessions to the curb, destroyed beyond repair. Many people have joined together, strangers helping strangers, neighbors taking in neighbors, friends and family rallying to offer comfort, support and anything else needed. Ironically we have been under water conservation orders while one of the two water treatment plants here in Nashville recovers. My husband and I have purchased paper plates, have been reusing glasses and coffee cups to help conserve on dirty dishes. Laundry continues to pile up and our showers are timed @ 4mins each. BUT, this is only a small sacrifice to make being one of the lucky homes left untouched by the 48 hours of rain that brought over 13 inches. The lawn got a little like a pond, but it quickly disappeared when the rain finally stopped on Sunday night.

Friends of ours were not as fortunate, being taken by boat from their subdivision at the midnight hour Sunday May 3rd. Imagine carrying your dogs, paper work and one kitbag (all that was permitted) in the dark, climbing into a boat and drifting off into the night not knowing what, if anything, you will come home to when the flood waters recede. That’s exactly what they experienced. By Wednesday they were allowed back into their community and Thursday we began helping them with clean up. Wallboard was torn out, insulation removed, several things thrown away that were water damaged but thankfully for them, the water only crept into their garage. Perplexing though as there were cars in their street with water lines that were waist high, but less than two feet made it into their garage. Amazing. The rest of their neighborhood however was not so fortunate. Many of the homes had 6-8 feet of water and the scene looked like one of a war zone with cars pushed around the streets, furniture and possessions piled high at the curb, the sound of swinging hammers, generators, chisels, saws cutting wood, all an ere yet progressive sound. Things were in a forward motion, much like how swiftly the waters came, the clean up followed in its wake.

The waters have receded and the rebuilding has begun. It will be no small feat but slowly one by one here in the Volunteer state, things will come back to life and will be made new once again.

To help the rebuilding process please donate to

Back to the studio!

I’ve read many an interview with artists who have labored over the making of their albums for weeks, months and for some, years. This is something I’ve done in the past but never as intensely as I have over these past 10 months. It’s been four years since my last album was released and five years since I last recorded an album. Wow…. where does the time go? Cool how I haven’t aged one bit……I wish!

I can see the finish line just ahead on the horizon and, oh my, what a beautiful site! I am tired, thirsty and ready to think about something other than the songs for this album. There has been a lot of wood shed over this project including buckets of tears, several meetings of the minds, a little angst here and there, some laughing fits of exhaustion and some very moving and touching times. All of which I think have intertwined to become part of this album. Life is different; the lessons I’ve learned have been some I would never have imagined and I know there are many more to come. Perhaps I’m paying attention more as I get a little older. Whatever it is, I like it. I’m happy and content doing what I know I’m supposed to be doing. Making music.

We’ve done something new this time around, assembling a creative team who will make the selection on the final four tracks this week. They will be selecting four from six we narrowed the list down to and I can’t wait to see what they collectively agree on. Making decisions can be so grueling and leaving this part up to others is both nerve wracking and a relief at the same time.

I admit, I have wondered if the fans will like it? Will my family like it? Will the industry embrace it? Will it sound fresh and exciting? However, I’ve learned that to make the music I’m truly passionate about and believe in, that I have to set all those thoughts aside and just write what I know. That’s what I’ve done.

Time for a water break as I still have several miles to go. I’ll be back with more next week with the first progress report from the creative team.

Until then, have a great week and may there always be a song on your heart.