Steve Fox

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Steve Fox has got to be one of the most multi-talented people I know. He’s an award-winning hit songwriter, award-winning recording artist, awesome guitar player, multi-instrumentalist, excellent producer and a great guy to work with! Not only that, he is also a great visual artist, husband and dad to his three boys Jack, Eddie & Joe, all of whom I am proud to consider family of my own.

I first met Steve Fox at CCMA week in Calgary, Alberta, the year “Daddy Won’t Sell The Farm” (hit song he co-wrote for Montgomery Gentry) was on the top of the BDS country chart. My journey between Halifax, NS & Nashville, TN had just begun and he invited me to stay with his family on my next visit to Nashville. I quickly took him up on that offer, during which time we started writing together. I remember that first visit like it was yesterday. His wife Jan welcomed me into her home like I was family from day one. She cooked amazing food, made the guest room/home studio very comfy and made sure anything I needed was taken care of. Steve and I wrote about six songs on that trip and four of those co-writes landed on my debut album.

Little did I know that five years later I would move in with the Fox family and be their roommate until the spring of 2007 (when I was in Nashville that is).

Steve not only wrote with me for this new record but he also produced my vocals, sang some background vocals, played some guitar parts and did an amazing job mixing. Did I mention he’s VERY talented?

Like the song Steve and I co-wrote on one of my first trips to Nashville, when it comes to the Fox’s… “that’s FAMILY!”

The learn more about Steve and his music visit


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