Kristin Hill

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Meet one of the classiest chicks I know – my friend  and co-writer Kristin Hill. I first met Kristin through my husband Clay. He has been good friends with Kristin’s husband for several years. From the moment I first met Kristin we seemed to hit it off very naturally. Kristin is one of those gals who is simply easy to be around. She has a great sense of humor, an admiral sense of loyalty and is one incredibly talented lady. Not only is she a great songwriter with an incredible voice, she is a beautiful woman of God, a wonderful wife, loyal friend and most recently, a new mom. If you ever get the chance to see her perform, you will be touched deeply by her honesty and passion.

Kristin’s MySpace reads: “I’m a dreamer….and I’m a part of the angel God sent to me to marry 2 years ago…he is beyond perfection. I sing, write music, and my husband and I are gifted with the opportunity to spend time in our studio at home producing music together. It’s a blessed life for sure and I am grateful beyond grateful for my God who provides ALL things.”

Click to hear Kristin’s beautiful music.


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