1. When will the album be released? September 6, 2011
  2. Will you be releasing to radio? – YES! We have 3-4 singles planned for radio in Canada. The first single “I Wish” was released April 25, 2011. Second single “Be Yourself” was released August 8, 2011
  3. Will you be touring? – touring throughout Canada is anticipated for the fall 2011.
  4. When did you start making this album? – The song selection began in April 2009 with recording starting in June 2009.
  5. How many songs are on the full album? – 10 songs with one bonus track.
  6. Are there any special guests? – YES, a great band called Due West, my friend Dave Gunning, Steve Fox, David Huff (David & the Giants) and Troy McGillivray.
  7. Will you have merch available? – YES, Richards & Southern has developed a great line of merchandise, check it out!
  8. How many songs did you write on the album? – ALL of them
  9. Did you co-write any songs on the new album? – Yes, four tracks are co-writes
  10. Who produced the album? It was a collective effort between my husband (Clay Krasner) and I with Steve Fox producing the vocals.
  11. Do you have any favorite songs on the album? – It’s hard to pick but I think I lean towards Plenty Of Angels, Be Yourself, Salt In The Air & December Leave Me Alone.