“I think I can, I think…..”

“I think I can, I think I can” goes the new single “I Wish” at radio. It’s been a steady increase at radio with airplay throughout Canada over the past month. I can’t thank the programmers enough for those who added “I Wish” to their playlists. Releasing a single is always a game of timing not really knowing who is going to strike with their single next. Being an independent artist in Canada has its benefits though as Canadian radio is required to play 35% Canadian content. Mind you, that 35% tends to be eaten up by the major artists like Terri Clark and Johnny Reid, two amazing Canadian talents who also released singles over the past month. However, I’m honored to be in the game with such stellar talent, I just wish I could spend more time in the field (on the airwaves) than on the bench (in the music directors meetings). But I like to remind myself that I’m at the table in the meetings and with much gratitude, I am awaiting to hear which station will add “I Wish” next week.

Thank you to all the stations who have added, featured and or considered “I Wish”! For a complete list of stations playing the newest single visit: http://www.ryleemadison.com/news

If you hear “I Wish” on your station feel free to let us know and if you like it let the station know!

Laboring on in music.



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